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There has been an immense development in the veterinary field where there has been a lot of medicines invented for the specialized treatment of pets and animals at large. But the oldest treatment for them even before the time when these medicines were not invented was Pet Acupuncture. There has been a lot of research regarding Pet Acupuncture and this is now a very reliable and established field of study. But this field of treating ailments has never been much popularized both in case of humans as well as animals. Thus a lot of myth and misconceptions has grown around this method of medical treatment. The myths regarding Pet Acupuncture are varied and to be more specific they have developed around canine acupuncture in dogs.

Pet Acupuncture: Three Myths Related to Dogs

1.  The Dog Is In Pain During The Procedure

Most dog owners are of the opinion that their pet will face a lot of pain when the process would be conducted. This is a complete wrong concept. Experts in Pet Acupuncture say that just in the time of the insertion the animal feels a little bit of pain and once it is inserted most animals feel very relaxed. In case of dogs, it has been found that they tend to fall asleep during the time the needle is kept inserted. Rather dogs cry or shout more when they go for their vaccination doses than for acupuncture processes.

2.  Acupuncture Is Not That Effective

The field of Pet Acupuncture has been an established field for a long time now. The effectiveness of this procedure has been proved both in case of humans and in case of animals. In case of dogs it has been more effective specially in treating problems like spinal disc disease and canine arthritis. It is through Pet Acupuncture procedures that these problems are treated better than oral medication.

3.  High Risk Of Major Side Effect

Many dog owners are of the belief that through the procedure of Pet Acupuncture the dog runs a risk of catching AIDS. This is partially true as this depends on the type of needle used for acupuncture. For this, one needs to find good and licensed acupuncturists so that there is least possibility of any kind of needle infection or bruising.

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