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Animal Acupuncture the term itself is not very popular. The reason behind this is the huge exposure of the different kinds of medicines that have improvised the entire sector of veterinery treatment. But there is hardly anyone who knows this fact that Animal Acupuncture has been in vogue for as long as thousand years and started of in China when this was the only method of treating animal ailments. Even today, Animal Acupuncture is not a very popular in comparison to mainstream medical science but this is a very effective method of seeking a lasting relief to the problems of your pet.

Advantages of Animal Acupuncture

The primary reason by Animal Acupuncture should be undertaken for treating the ailments of dogs is due to the fact that they involve no surgery. It is a semi-incisive surgery where only half insertion of needles at strategic nerve point is all that is involved in the procedure.

Among all methods of treating problem of animals this method is the most natural method of relieving the animal of the pain. This is one of the biggest importance of Animal Acupuncture specially when it comes to an animals and pets. Most small animals and pets like dogs do not have a huge longevity of life in comparison to humans. Hence medications specially oral ones may cause side effects which can decrease the life span of the animal. In this respect, acupuncture does not involve any such problems. It is usually a procedure that does not result in any kind of side effect.

It was a concept earlier that Animal Acupuncture is the only cure for pains that involve pain related to joints of the animal as well as musculus-skeletal problems, like arthritis, inter-vertebral disk disease. But these days there are a varied number of diseases that can be solved through this procedure. These include traumatic nerve injury, feline asthma, diarrhea, lick granulomas, allergic dermatitis and selective reproductive problems. There are even many cases when along with oral medication acupuncture processes are involved to get the ultimate cure for the animal. It is a painless procedure where there is in fact during the treatment the animal gets relaxed and even falls asleep.


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