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These days the animals are not helpless beings anymore. Whether they are in the forest or are there in your house as a pet, veterinary care is one thing that is there to rescue animals in every possible way. But it must be noted that animals specially pets like dogs and cats does not have as much longevity of life as compared to humans. Hence methods like Animal & Pet Acupuncture are being implemented to bring pain less solutions to the animals. Animal & Pet Acupuncture may seem to be a new idea but the concept of acupuncture as a method of healing treatment is as old as thousand years when it was first implemented in China. Gradually from a traditional method of treatment it came to be used as a preventive medicine. Currently, Animal & Pet Acupuncture has become increasingly popular as this is used with other clinical medicines as well to heal problems in animals.

What Are The Conditions Behind Animal & Pet Acupuncture?

  • Animal & Pet Acupuncture is generally called for those problems in animals that lead to paralysis, extreme pain and often for allergies and other non-infectious inflammation.
  • For pets and other small animals it is problems like arthritis, inter-vertebral disk disease or other nerve injuries that Animal & Pet Acupuncture is needed to heal it.
  • Trauma is a big issue for pets mainly and it is through acupuncture that it is best cured.
  • Problems such as diarrhea can also be treated with acupuncture.

Some Basic Information About Animal & Pet Acupuncture

  • Acupuncture is a method of inserting needles at strategic points on the body. They actually affect the immune system by boosting its mechanism. In this way the body grows a capability to heal the problem on its own.
  • There is no fixed time for the sessions of Animal & Pet Acupuncture. Usually depending on the severity of the ailment, 5 to 15 needles are been inserted in a single session. For some, the sessions may end within ten minutes while there are cases when an entire hour is involved in a single session.
  • Usually in case of animals or dogs, acupuncture is a very safe method of treatment and does not result in any kind of side effects. There may be a chance of infection on the area the needle is inserted but such cases are also quite rare.

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